The Little Big Project in Thailand

Little Big Project Thailand

The Little Big Project is a voluntourism competition hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Its aim is to inspire worldwide travelers to do something different, something purposeful, while on vacation. Now is your chance to use a LITTLE power to make such a BIG difference here in Thailand.

The Mission: To help others. One overseas competitor (You) and one Thai competitor will team up and work together on a volunteer project of their choosing, anything from helping Save the Elephants at a nature park in Chiang Mai, to a community development project for Hill Tribe Children, to Marine Conservation in Koh Talu.

The event lasts 2 weeks, and during that time you’ll have the chance to share your philanthropy efforts with a world-wide audience by making blog posts, uploading photos and videos, and telling your story through social media.

The Reward: A dream fulfilled. And a bit of a prize, too! Your efforts will be judged by a panel of TAT representatives and internet voters, and the team with the most votes for their blog will win $5,000 USD for continued funding of their project; the team whose video receives the most views will win an Apple Gift Card valued at $1,000 USD. (Winners have 3 weeks after returning home to promote their video, after which they will receive their prizes.)

For more details, please visit :


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