Online Diving Shop in Malaysia

Online Dive Shop in Malaysia

Explorer Lifestyle is an Online Dive Shop in Malaysia which was launched in May 2014. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and cater to all scuba divers in Malaysia and around Southeast Asia .We sell the latest diving equipment and also travel packages for those wanting a different kind of experience. More importantly, we sell diving equipment online in Malaysia where our products are the top of the range ‘Lifestyle’ designs and brands.

One of our main products are Suunto dive computers in Malaysia which are highly sought after. We sell all Suunto dive computer models in Malaysia AND with the best prices in the market. Other dive equipment we sell in Malaysia are Oxycheq BCD’s and also Dive Rite BCD’s for the lifestyle divers in Malaysia. Soon to come are various unique scuba diving packages around Malaysia for those wanting a unique diving experience and holiday. Check our shop out at;

Explorer Lifestyle Online Dive Shop in Malaysia

Online Diving Shop in Malaysia

Buy Suunto Dive Computers in Malaysia

Where to buy Suunto Dive Computers in Malaysia?

Many people are asking where they can buy Suunto Dive computers in Malaysia therefore you have come to the right place as we carry the whole range at our online dive shop. All our Suunto Dive computers are original and come brand new in box with 2 year warranty and accessories. Check out our range of  Suunto D9tx,  Suunto Dx, Suunto D6i, Suunto D4 Nova and also Suunto Zoop Dive computers to suit your budget range. They are sold with USB cables and also Wireless Transmitters as an extra accessory.

Buy Suunto D6i in Malaysia Buy Suunto D9tx Dx in Malaysia Buy Suunto Dive Computers in Malaysia Buy Suunto Zoop in Malaysia

Other dive products we sell in Malaysia are;

Oxycheq BCD in Malaysia

Buy Ocxcheq BCD in Malaysia

Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia

Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia

And soon to come, Lifestyle Diving Packages in Malaysia for everyone. As we are also divers, we know what divers want in this day of time. Long gone are those jacket-type BCD’s as they are considered old-school. Nowadays, divers want to look good when they dive and more importantly, safety is right on top of their list, therefore many divers prefer to buy their own diving equipment here in Malaysia and take them on their trips. Therefore, the products we carry are lightweight and travel-ready.

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This means, your Oxycheq or Dive Rite BCD can easily fit into a medium or large luggage bag along with your regulator, dive wet suit and fins. With these new type of BCDs in Malaysia, diving has never been so much fun compared to renting your equipment from the dive centers. Honestly, how many times have you rented dive equipment and seen the poor condition of them? Well, nowadays, things have changed and with the Explorer Lifestyle Online Dive Shop, you can now own your own dive equipment in Malaysia!


Explorer Lifestyle has moved to a new home

Dear readers and friends of Explorer Lifestyle, we wish to announce that we have moved to a new home which is at;

After this posting, you can find us there.

The new Explorer Lifestyle Dive Shop in Malaysia has through an upgrade to serve everyone better with new exciting diving equipment, dive travel packages and more. We are one of the premium diving equipment online shops in Malaysia and carry a number of quality scuba diving products in Malaysia.

Any inquiries or comments, please go to our new Malaysia Online Dive Shop. .

Thank you very much.